Endlich ist er da, der neue Toyota Supra A90

    Im Juli 1993 kam die vierte und bisher letzte Generation des Supra auf den Markt (Modellcode JZA80), die bis August 2002 gebaut wurde.

    Anfang 1986 wurde die dritte Generation des Supra vorgestellt.Sie ist zugleich die erste, die nicht mehr mit dem Namenszusatz Celica vermarktet wurde.

    Die zweite Generation wurde im Herbst 1981 präsentiert.Auch sie war immer noch als Derivat des Celica Liftback erkennbar, hatte aber mit den neuen (170 PS) starken 6-Zylinder-Motoren einen komplett eigenständigen Antrieb.

    Der aus dem James Bond Film bekannter 2000 GT wird von der Supra Community aufgrund des Reihen 6-er und der Coupe Form als der UR-Supra gesehen.

    Nürburgring-Testfahren des neuen Toyota Supra

    Now, we get to see the production taillights too, which have sort of a flattened "teardrop" graphic. It almost looks like a more modern take on the GT86's taillight graphics, which would make sense, although we can't be sure the GT86 served as a benchmark in any way.

    In fact, there's a lot of uncertainty surrounding the new Supra, a car closely related to the new BMW Z4, though unlike the Z4, the Supra is rumored to only come with an automatic transmission.

    Another fresh rumor suggests that the 2019 Supra won't even be badged as a Toyota. In fact, it could be sold under the Gazoo Racing brand, acting as a launchpad for Toyota's high-performance Gazoo division.

    "The Supra will be by Gazoo," stated Shigeki Tomoyama, the man in charge of the sub-brand, while Akio Toyoda himself insisted that the new Supra needed to be more aggressive than what was originally planned, a conclusion he arrived at after driving a pre-production model.

    "The new car has to appeal to the existing owners first," said Toyoda. "The old cars had a straight-six engine, twin-turbochargers and rear-wheel drive; the new car has to have the same philosophy."

    Expected to weigh between 1,200 kg and 1,500 kg (2,645-3,306 lbs), Gazoo Racing's Supra is reportedly being fine-tuned with the BMW M4 and Porsche 911 used as benchmarks.

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