Besitzer der fünfte Generation des Toyota Supra sind begeistert

    Bekannt aus dem Fast & Furious Film, kam im Juli 1993 die vierte und bisher letzte Generation des Toyota Supra auf den Markt. International wird dieser Typ "Supra MKIV" genannt.

    Anfang 1986 wurde die dritte Generation des Supra vorgestellt. Sie ist zugleich die erste, die nicht mehr mit dem Namenszusatz Celica vermarktet wurde.

    Die zweite Generation wurde im Herbst 1981 präsentiert und hatte mit dem neuen (170 PS) starken 6-Zylinder-Motoren einen komplett eigenständigen Antrieb.

    Der von Frühjahr 1978 bis Sommer 1981 gebaute erste Supra wurde noch als Spitzenversion der Celica zuerst in Japan und später in den USA angeboten.

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    Jul 21 '12
    Da schau ich mal wieder im UK Forum herum und entdecke das Thema hier Klick
    Es ist echt unglaublich dreist und dämlich sowas abzuziehen bin echt geschockt!
    Jul 21 '12
    Wow... da geht's ja um einen recht bekannten Supra. Bin schon gespannt was der "Käufer" dazu zu sagen hat. Hört sich so an, als wollte er vom Kauf zurücktreten, der Verkäufer wollte die Anzahlung aber nicht mehr zurückzahlen... das Auto dann einfach zu stehlen ist aber ein starkes Stück, das hätte er sich besser überlegen sollen. oh.png:joy:
    Jul 23 '12
    Ist der Beitrag gelöscht? Habe nur was von gestohlen gelesen, worum ging es?
    Jul 23 '12
    "McGregory" schrieb:

    Ist der Beitrag gelöscht? Habe nur was von gestohlen gelesen, worum ging es?

    So wie ich es mitbekommen habe:

    Es ging um den bekannten KDW-Supra aus Dänemark, der ja schon länger zum Verkauf stand. Ein Käufer leistete eine hohe Anzahlung, der Rest sollte dann gemäß Vertrag bei Abholung überwiesen werden.Termine haben sich verzögert und der Verkäufer wollte für seine Aufwände (da er mittlerweile in den USA wohnt) nochmal 6000 Pfund draufschlagen. Der Käufer wollte da natürlich zurücktreten, aber der Verkäufer wollte die Anzahlung nicht mehr zurückzahlen. Den Supra hat ein Bekannter in Dänemark aufbewahrt. Der Käufer hat den Bekannten besucht und den Wagen gestohlen. Wobei der Käufer meint der Bekannte hätte ihm die Schlüssel übergeben und ihn wegfahren lassen, der Verkäufer behauptet er hätte den Wagen gestohlen und seinen Bekannten bei der Flucht fast überfahren...
    Jul 23 '12
    Richtig so war leider auch mein letzter Wissensstand. Es geht dabei um diesen Supra:

    Gesamtpreis 31500Pfund 13500 wurden wohl schon angezahlt und es sollten aufgrund einer Wartezeit im Hotel auf den Verkäufer und einen abgesagten Flug wohl noch Kosten vom Käufer gedeckt werden worauf selbiger wohl einging aber woher da 6000pfund kommen sollen keine Ahnung ich denke damit hatte dann auch der Käufer ein Problem. Das ganze wurde wohl auch von Kameras gefilmt. Das Thema haben jetzt die Admins im verschoben weil der Verkäufer anzeigen wegen schweren Auto Diebstahls und wohl versuchten Mordes laufen hat gegen den Käufer...
    Jul 24 '12
    wie blöd
    Jul 24 '12
    Supra stolen by long term forum members !!
    This story seems almost unreal but nevertheless is reality..
    Nick Wilkins who has been a member on here for many years, along with Ash from Garage786, has just been in Denmark and stolen my car!
    Here's what happened:
    Nick and Ash came over to Denmark and paid a deposit on the car back in June.
    Nick was suppose to show up on monday with the rest of the money and take the car home. He then calls my buddy (Allan) who is storing the car and handling everything (because I'm in the US currently), Nick tells him that he is coming today and will stay in Denmark untill monday where they will go to my bank and deposit the money into my account, where-after I'm suppose to call to let them know that the money has cleared.
    So Nick shows up at my friends Allan's house, they talk and everything seems fine. While Allan is making Nick a cup of coffee, Nick sneaks into the office and steals the keys for the car, then goes into the garage, mounts the pole onto the battery, fires it up! Allan hears this and runs outside but at this point nick is already inside the car and about to drive off! Allan tried to stop him but Nick almost runs him over and storms away in the supra!
    At this point we have already filed charges against Nick for attempted man slaughter, grand theft as well as robbery. Obviously I have his name, address etc.. I know where he works as well.. He apparently has a good life in the UK, good career, owns a house, etc.. I don't get how he can fall this far off planet earth and think he will get away with it. Obviously his life will be tumbling down at this point. Everything that happened (except from inside the house) was recorded by two surveillance cameras on the property so he's pretty $#@!ed at this point.
    I'm putting together a crew to pay both Nick and Ash a visit as we speak.. It won't be pretty.
    The car is the KDW Supra in case anyone is doubt:

    Jul 24 '12
    Unfassbar....der Typ hatte anscheinend kurz das Hirn ausgeschaltet.
    Jul 24 '12
    So doof kann man doch nicht sein... bin mal gespannt was die Gegenseite sagt bzw. was aus der Sache wird
    Jul 24 '12
    JamieP: Unreal, cant see Ash being silly enough to have anything to do with this, where was he when nick was taking the car?

    Slicknick Can't believe I'm reading this, there must be more to it than that surely.

    dr_jekyll not sure what to make of that?

    Geo Got to be something else here?? Surely?

    jazz1Hope you get your car back! Reading that makes my blood boil I'd make sure he be the last man alive if that was my car!

    RZ95 Everything is caught on cam..

    jazz1 That's good you have cameras, did you not have a tracker in the car?

    jazz1 That's good you have cameras, did you not have a tracker in the car?

    RZ95 I am not 100 % sure if Ash was there, because Nick showed up claiming to have been driven there by a taxi, which is so unreal since the location is several hours away from nearest airport.. I think that Ash dropped him off a few minutes away, butthe police will find out when they check the location of his phone at the time of the crime.

    Ian W That's a bit harsh to kill every man other than the chap who stole your car
    hackin'n'bashin+1, can't see it being Ash, but I suppose only time will tell if Ash has been fleeced by Nick too. Really feel for you and Allan at the minute, bet he needs the coffee after all of today's events!

    dr_jekyll wasnt ash the one buying the car anyway. wher is/ was he ? did he get in the car too?

    jazz1 Yea that sounds fishy, if he was buying the car why would he send this other guy?

    Weiter auf Seite 23 ^^^^

    JamieP I don't know all the facts, if i was being told I had to pay an extra 6k or lose my 13k deposit I would not be happy at all, I'm not sure what I would do tbh.

    Firstly myself nor my garage have nothing to do with this deal, I was originally going 50/50 with nick but as we were going through the deal I wasn't comfortable with the way Kim conducted himself and I backed out, Nick was happy to be the sole owner of the car on the basis of the legal binding contract that Nick mentioned in his earlier post.
    Kim was fully aware of Nick solely buying the car my only commitment was to Nick in making sure the car was there, as described, running fine and as a witness of Nick handing over the £13.5k cash and witnessing the signing of the contracts of which everything Nick stated earlier about the contracts is 100% correct and accurate.
    After that day I have had no communication from Kim regarding the deal with Nick but I have seen all the blackmail emails sent to him from Kim and I wasn't one bit surprised that Kim broke the legal signed agreement, it seems like he had other plans all along £££.
    I feel truly sorry for Nick and what's he's been put through and cannot blame him for his actions, I would have done the same.
    I believe Nick has made this a police matter what with the blackmail and death threats so this is my only and final post on the matter, MODS please lock this thread as per legal proceedings.

    Ricky49 Looks like Kim wanted us to feel sorry for him.
    CSA - I'm more than happy to do either of the following with Kim:
    1. Pay the remaining £18,500.00 and have the car as per our Legal binding contract.
    2. Refund my £13,500.00 and have the car back.
    I've stuck to our legal agreement Kim changed the time limit I had to pay the balance from 6 months to 1 and inflated the price by an extra £6,000 to £24,000 just because he felt like it, if I didn't have the £24,000 by the end of July he'd keep my £13,500 and sell the car to someone else. Put yourself in my position do you just give in and lose £13,500 because a guy wakes up one morning and decides he can do what h wants to whoever he wants. Or do you do something about it to protect your money invested.
    As Ash's post im currently talking to the police and have nothing more to say on the matter.

    csa Well, if you really have the papers with you, as you state, why didnt you just pay The remaining 18,5 when you were at Allans? Then the beef would only consern the extra 6k.

    csa Oh, and I still dont get it....HOW is this not GTA when you've driven off with a car that you havent paid for?

    Ricky49 Maybe because Allans in on the extra 6k and wouldnt of let the car go without some fisty cuffs.
    Sorry I do have one last thing to add and that would be to Kim, kindly send me the CCTV footage as I recall it he made us a coffee gave me the keys to the car, showed me his scrap book on the 1000hp supra and r34 he built himself, told me about his skyline that's arriving at the docks shortly, we joked about how much of a moron you are (his words not mine although I'm not disputing his view). He then took me to see the car, unlocked the side entrance to the garage, let me hook up the battery and check the cars oil, run the car for 5 mins to warm up while we chatted again about you trying to blackmail me, watched me put on the number plates handed me the windscreen wipers and spare headlights, found me 2x nuts for the wipers so we could fit them, open his garage roller shutter door and let me drive the car out.
    I know in posts of yours factual events rarely get posted but should you have genuine CCTV footage showing what you described in your first post in this thread I'll give every member £1000 cash and a bottle of verve cliquot.
    Maybe this thread should be moved to the dispute section now. Listing the relevant posts and stop the accusing opinions flying about.

    Sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooolang ^^ Lösch das Unwesentliche raus :blush:
    Jul 26 '12
    Bisschen Update zur Story von heute Abend:

    Allan went to Leicestershire to look up Ash and Nick Wilkins to claim back the Supra they stole.

    He got in contact with Nick by phone and Nick promised to show up at Leicestershire police station two hours later to pay the money that he himself claims to owe on the car (18,500 gbp). He never show'd up and no longer answers his phone. He is also not showing up at his home address these days.

    From the prior thread, Ash obviously has a fan base on here who thinks he is a great guy.. this couldn't be further from the truth from what I have found through my own investigations. He has a long record with the local police, been arrested twice already for hit & run as well as GTA!

    I am in contact with two guys local to Ash who knows a lot of stuff that you guys on here does not. They are now working with me on bringing them down.

    Ash and Nick has scammed numerous people in the past. There are two open cases dating back to 2009, similar to mine where they have stolen cars and claim to own them. Ash is running a sideline operation, exporting stolen cars to South Africa (I will have solid details about this later on). Furthermore Ash' son is dealing drugs and has a record with the police as well.

    Regarding my case, the Danish police is still processing everything. At this point there are 6 witnesses involved, including Allan's neighbors who's seen everything. Two pedestrians, one female driver who Nick Wilkins ran into the ditch when he fled the scene.

    Allan also filed a report with the local police in Leicestershire but their hands are tied until the final report from the Danish police (further on that later).

    I should mention that I contacted Nick two days ago to get him to pay the 18,500 that he agrees to owe, as well as promised openly on here to pay.. However he does not want to pay, nor does he have the money. His latest statement goes "You will get that money within the time frame of the contract, ie. 6 months). The same contract in which he is referring to, clearly states that he is in NO WAY entitled to the car until the full balance is paid.
    This is all crucial because it shows that he planned to steal the car all along.

    Mark my words, these guys WILL be going down hard.
    Jul 26 '12

    Vor allem exportiert dieser Typ geklaute Autos nach Afrika?! Das ist ja auch ein interessanter Geschäftszweig. Ich bin ja mal gespannt, wie Single-Turbo-Supras so in Süd-Afrika Absatz finden.
    Jul 26 '12
    alles was mehr als 6k kostet kauft da unten kein mensch