Owners of the fifth generation Toyota Supra are thrilled about that car

    In July 1993, the fourth and so far last generation of the Supra came on the market. Internationally, this type is called " Supra MKIV ".

    In early 1986, the third generation of the Supra was introduced. It is also the first that has not been marketed with the suffix Celica.

    The second generation was presented in the fall of 1981 and had a completely independent drive with the new (170 hp) 6-cylinder engines.

    The first Supra built from spring 1978 to summer 1981 was still offered as a top version of the Celica first in Japan and later in the United States.

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    Hi :blush:

    Einige von euch kennen mich von früher - für einige bin ich neu, deshalb mal die Vorstellung hier:
    Wir hatten endlich Zeit unsren Shop zu überarbeiten und MKIV-Teile hinzuzufügen - deshalb "trau" ich mich jetzt endlich hier zu posten.

    Zur Info - wir haben nicht nur nen Online-Shop, ich habe ebenfalls eine Garage hier in SoCal wo wir tagtäglich MK3 und MKIV aufbauen.
    Selber besitze ist 2 Stück MKIV die "beweisen" sollten, wie sauber wir arbeiten :blush:

    Bilder und Mods-List unten!

    Hier mal der LINK zum Shop:
    Wir haben zwar viele Artikel hinzugefügt, bei Weiten aber nicht alle! Eine kurze Mail genügt und wir finden nen Preis zum angefragten Teil. Ebenfalls steh ich euch gerne technisch zur Seite - ob einfacher Zündkerzen-Frage oder ne Turbo-Berechnung -> Mail genügt :blush:

    Supra 1 - blau BPU+++ (Upgrade auf 72mm TBB ist in 2 Wochen geplant!) - derzeit ~450RWHP (wir werden aber vor dem Umbau noch die 500RWHP mit den Stock Twins brechen!):

    Es ist leider noch die alte Upper-Pipe und der alte Zahnriemen verbaut auf den Bildern :pensive:

    Modifications-List (as of 06/02/200:sunglasses::

    - Top Secret Front Bumper (imported from Japan) *modified
    - Top Secret Side Skirts (imported from Japan)
    - Varis Rear Bumper (imported from Japan)
    - Varis Wing
    - Seibon Carbon Hood
    - Custom paintjob
    - Shaved rear wiper
    - Nigrin front wipers (imported from Germany)
    - Tinted windows
    - Clear/tinted rear-sidemarkers
    - Clear turnlights
    - New 98 headlights
    - HIDs
    - New 98 taillights
    - All PIAA bulbs

    Suspension / Brakes / Wheels:
    - Aragosta full-race suspension
    - Rotora custom brake rotors
    - Hawk HPS brake pads
    - Kaizen custom brake lines
    - Wilwood Hi-Temp brake fluid
    - Painted calipers /w chrome logos
    - Custom-Made 19“ wheels (imported from Italy), width: 9.5 & 10.5
    - Yokohama Advan Sport 265/30 & 295/30
    - 15mm billet-spacers back
    - 15mm billet-spacers front
    - Extended wheel-studs
    - McGard Chrome Luglocks

    - Custom upholstered seats (tan to black conversion)
    - New plastic-parts for seats (tan to black conversion)
    - Custom leather-doorboards
    - New carpet
    - New floor-mats
    - New & painted dash-panels /w custom fitted gauges
    - New A/C Control /w red LED conversion
    - New center-console
    - New steering wheel
    - New handbrake
    - New trunk-shocks
    - New shifter
    - New sun-visors

    - Blitz Type R Boostcontroller
    - Greddy BCC
    - Innovate Wideband
    - Nordskog Trans-Temp gauge
    - Defi Headsup-display (Watertemp, Oiltemp, Oilpress, (Fuelpress, EGT))

    Engine / Power / under the hood:
    - Fully build blueprinted USDM-2JZGTE:
    o HKS Stopper MHG
    o Fully ARP equipped (Head studs, Main studs, Rod bolts)
    o CP pistons
    o ACL coated race-bearings
    o Rebalanced, lightened crankshaft
    o Rebalanced rods
    o BC valves & springs
    o New Waterpump
    o New Oilpump
    - Kaizen custom-made cams
    - Polished JDM Intake-Manifold
    - Polished Throttlebody
    - Polished custom bracket for Optima-battery
    - Polished Radiator-brackets
    - Chromed PS-reservoir
    - Painted PS-reservoir-cap
    - Painted Brake-reservoir-cap
    - Painted Restistor-grille
    - Painted engine-front-mid-panel
    - Ceramic coated valve covers
    - UR Camgears
    - UR Pulleys
    - MVP tensioner pulley /w polished bracket
    - Gates Timing belt
    - Gates Serpentine belt
    - Custom sparkplug-cover
    - Blitz OilCap
    - TRD Thermostat
    - New engine-under-panel
    - RMM Downpipe
    - HKS Dragger Exhaust
    - TrueTwin-mode with other custom mods :wink:
    - Castrol TWS 10W-60 Oil only (imported from Germany)

    Engine Electronics:
    - HKS Fcon VPro

    - PHR Fuel line

    - Koyo Radiator
    - Blitz RadiatorCap
    - MVP polished upper radiator pipe
    - XO2 lower radiator hose
    - MVP electric fan kit polished
    - B&M Transmission cooler /w external oil-filter
    - B&M 8” Fan for transmission cooler
    - Greddy Oilfilter-Relocation Kit /w magnetic Greddy Filter
    - B&M Oil cooler
    - Custom FMIC
    - Ceramic coated FMIC piping
    - HKS SSQV
    - Custom made overflow tank
    - Greddy Air-duct panel polished

    - Upgraded 200A Alternator
    - Optima BlueTop
    - 2.4F Capacitor
    - Custom main-power-wiring /w distributors
    - Pioneer Z2 Navigation System /w Bluetooth
    - Full active-SQ-system with:
    o Diabolo 18XS (handmade in Germany)
    o Diabolo R25XS (handmade in Germany)
    o 2x Peerless XXLS 10” Subwoofers (imported from Germany)
    o Eton PA1054 Amplifier for Front-Speakers (imported from Germany)
    o Eton 1502 Amplifier for Subwoofers (imported from Germany)
    o Monstercable Battery Terminals
    o Monstercable ANL-Fuse-Holder (150A)
    o Monstercable 0/1 Gauge to Distributors (plus and minus wired)
    o Monstercable 0/1G to 2x 4G Distributors w/ 60 and 100A fuses
    o Monstercable 4 Gauge to Amplifiers
    o Monstercable High-End RCA Cable for Front-Speakers
    o Monstercable Sub-Cable
    o Phoenix-Gold 90° RCA Adapters
    o Monstercable 8 Gauge Speaker-Cables w/ 24K gold connectors
    - Custom Subwoofer-Install by “Sounds Good Stereo” in Woodland Hills
    - Custom Speaker grilles
    - Rear-speaker delete
    - Viper 791XV Alarm /w all options

    TO COME:

    - Built Transmission
    - TRAC-removal
    - ETS Turbokit /w 72mm ITS TBB Turbo
    - All supporting mods for 850RWHP
    - Racelogic Trac-system
    - New full-race head

    - Mirror with Homelink-system
    - Carbing Strutbar
    - Tanabe Swaybars
    - All bushings new
    - All axles new

    Supra 2 - schwarz APU (811RWHP):

    (Bilder noch vom Pre-Owner - momentan ist alles zerlegt *G*):


    -AEM Standalone Engine Management
    -HKS DLI –II Ignition
    -HKS EVC-EZ2 Boost Controller
    -Blitz Dual TTX Turbo Timer with Boost display
    -Dakota Digital Fuel Pressure, Boost
    -Pressure, and Oil Pressure gauges.+Sensor
    -PLX Wideband O2 System with black faced gauge

    -Powerhouse Racing Stage 2+ Turbo Kit
    -Upgraded to Innovative GT74DBB, X-Trim, .81 A/R
    -Powerhouse Racing Stage 2 Fuel System-Upgraded to 1000cc Injectors
    -Veilside Teardrop Titanium Exhaust System (8 pounds)
    -Upgraded to PHR 4” Downpipe and Midpipe
    -Greddy 3 row intercooler-
    -HKS SuperSequential Blow Off Valve
    -HKS 264 Intake and Exhaust Camshafts
    -Crower Springs and Titanium Retainers
    -EGR Removed and blocked off
    -Koyo Polished Racing Radiator
    -AAP Electric Fans with Chromed Shroud
    -Billet engine shock mount
    -AAP Performance Idler Pulley
    -AAP Water Pump Cover
    -Greddy Pulley Set
    -Chrome Supra Scripts PS and Brake Caps
    -Complete polished and chromed engine bay
    -Optima Blue Top Battery

    -RPS Carbon Carbon Clutch with Aluminum Flywheel
    -B&M Short Shifter
    -MVP Shifter Bushings
    -Brembo cross drilled rotors
    -Hawk Pads
    -SS Brake Lines
    -Painted calipers red-(paint

    -Tein Superstreet Coilovers with EDFC in car electronic adjustable dampening
    -Volk 18x9 and 18x10 GTU Gunmetal + Centercaps and Lugs
    -BFG Geforce KDW2 Tires

    -Pioneer AVIC-N1 Navigation/DVD System
    -Cerwin Vega Components front and rear
    -12" Cerwin Vega Subwoofers, custom spare tire well enclosure
    -XTANT 4 channel Amp
    -Custom Carputer with Display on AVIC Navigation System
    -Misc Wiring and Install Hardware

    Grüße aus Malibu!