Im Juli 1993 kam die vierte und bisher letzte Generation des Supra auf den Markt (Modellcode JZA80), die bis August 2002 gebaut wurde.

Anfang 1986 wurde die dritte Generation des Supra vorgestellt.Sie ist zugleich die erste, die nicht mehr mit dem Namenszusatz Celica vermarktet wurde.

Die zweite Generation wurde im Herbst 1981 präsentiert.Auch sie war immer noch als Derivat des Celica Liftback erkennbar, hatte aber mit den neuen (170 PS) starken 6-Zylinder-Motoren einen komplett eigenständigen Antrieb.

Der aus dem James Bond Film bekannter 2000 GT wird von der Supra Community aufgrund des Reihen 6-er und der Coupe Form als der UR-Supra gesehen.

Hello to all from Poland! | Forum

Dez 18 '14
Hello Friends,

I am really happy to see that the place like this one exist. So many people, so many cars in one place. Thats why finally I decided to register myself and present my project. One German guy told me about this place thats why I am here :-)

A few words about me. I am from Poland / Kattowiz. I am very happy owner of Toyota Supra Targa MKIV USDM version. I bought the car in Italy so no rust and other simillar isues.

For that moment this is NA with Automatic gearbox but not so long :-)

Here are a few pictures how the car looked just after delivery to my house:

And a few photos after the cleaning:

As you see the car needs attention. But as we know LHD Supras are rare so this problems are not so big to resolve.

As a 1th steep I decided to correct car around a little before the painting.

- front fender
- front bumper
- head lamps refreshed (painted in gun metal inside)

And a few photos:

Next I concentrated on dushboard. Was in a really bad condition. All parts were painted in black piano. To pu more live in to interior aluminium bezels were installed.

This is how the parts looks right now:

And 2 very nice parts from Santa claus :-)

I couldn't wait with the installation thats why they are already on the correct place :-)

Now I am finishing 2 projects and a few are in plans.
1. new leather interior
2. manual conversion with A01B and W58 on board.

Interior and MT conversion done :huepf:

Now its time to take care about exterior. But 1th steep will be:
- wheels
- suspension
- brakes
- exhaust

Be in progress, as always honestly :blush:
Dez 18 '14
Hi Stosek,

I'm the german guy, that told you about this forum. :grinning:

Welcome. :blush:


Dez 18 '14
Hahaha good to know that :-)
Thank you for invite me. Now I will try to spend more time with you here. In January will be more mods. Now I am awaiting package from Japan.
Greeting from PL one more time :-)
Dez 19 '14
Welcome Stosek :blush:
You got a 1993 Premier Edition US Spec. I like that :blush:

Best regards from Hamburg
Dez 19 '14
Siemanko Stosek.....

Ladny projekt, pozdrowienia z za Odry....Slawek.
Dez 19 '14
Welcome to the Club Buddy :wink:
Your interior looks great. Did you do it by yourself? I like those shiny looking seats :sunglasses:
And where did you get that front lip from?
Dez 19 '14
Pozdro z zabrza fajna bryka :-)
Dez 19 '14
"Push4"] schrieb:

Welcome to the Club Buddy :wink:
Your interior looks great. Did you do it by yourself? I like those shiny looking seats :sunglasses:
And where did you get that front lip from?

He got it from the states. I already asked him. :blush:
Dez 19 '14
Witamy Stosek ! Twój Supra teraz wygl?da bardzo pi?kne, due've ?e by?o ?wietnie!

Pozdrowienia z Niemiec brata!
Dez 19 '14
Hi Stosek, welcome to the forums :blush:
I love US-Spec Supras so much because of the sidemarkers. :blush: Keep the car clean, I love your progress till now.


Dez 19 '14
Ohlala, bardzo duzy projekt ^^
Ohlala, das ist aber ein großes Projekt ^^