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    EU-Spec/UK-Spec Clock Uhr wiring. | Forum

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    JX Owner
    Hello, sorry for English post but I believe this document only exists in German.

    Does anyone have better image of the connector and the pin data?

    I'm installing OUT-TEMP clock(uhr) to JDM Supra.

    Here is all the documents I have, the connecting looks good but I can't see what pins to connect because the image for that is too blurry.

    Can someone take better picture of the RIGHT PAGE? :)

    Thank you.

    McGregory Owner
    Hi, i've made this photo. I will try to find the big version on my smartphone or will make a new one tomorrow.

    Maybe this thread will help you, too

    JX Owner
    Hi thanks, it seems to connect directly to A / C Amplifier, I'm guessing that part is same in every car?

    So it uses the original AMBIENT temp sensor.

    Edit: Yes, they both use same part! 88650-14270

    Zuletzt bearbeitet von JX 9 '20 Dez
    JX Owner

    Zitat von McGregory Hi, i've made this photo. I will try to find the big version on my smartphone or will make a new one tomorrow.

    Maybe this thread will help you, too

    Can you find A/C Amplifier (KLIMAANLAGE VERSTÄRKER) output from your german wiring manual aswell?

    That would be needed so I know where to connect the TEMP pin. :)

    McGregory Owner
    Check out manuals.

    Page 22 and 23.. The a18 connectior

    Klick here on the images

    JX Owner

    Quote from McGregory Check out manuals.

    Page 22 and 23 .. The a18 connectior

    Click here on the images

    Ah yes, it goes to the engine room ambient temp sensor, but now I need to figure where it goes from there so I can get it directly from A/C amp.

    McGregory Owner
    Ahh ok. So i have to look into my euspec wiring book. Will check it tomorrow ?
    JX Owner
    Thank you, it's very hard to find EU spec wiring book data anywhere!

    I think I found it, made this diagram! :)

    Zuletzt bearbeitet von JX 9 '20 Dez
    McGregory Owner
    Yes, the diagram is the same. I ve made you a photo of the right page, too
    JX Owner
    When I press the OUT-TEMP button, the display shows nothing like it's not on.

    Any ideas? Clock side works normally.

    JX Owner

    The A18 on EU spec should be G19 on my end. I noticed that I have 2 less wires going to the A/C amplifier compared to EU-Spec, I want to know what those wires are.

    Florida_Supra Owner
    This is the same as the US Spec cars, they have two less wires as they don´t have the outside temperature feature.  One wire goes to the Temp Controller which get´s it´s reading through the A.C. temperature sensor "Pin 1 on the C12 connector" and the other is the "Pin 2 10A Gauge easy to wire in."  As for the wiring on the A.C. Controller EU I haven´t looked into.  Both connectors A18 and G19 should be the same.  Maybe one single wire has been changed around for some reason.
    JX Owner
    JDM has 2 less wires, and Pin 17 is already taken by the servo motor.

    A/C amp is the same, those 2 wires were ground if I took a correct look.

    I need to find RHD UK-Spec wiring diagram and change multiple pins on that connector before it will work.

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