Owners of the fifth generation Toyota Supra are thrilled about that car

    In July 1993, the fourth and so far last generation of the Supra came on the market. Internationally, this type is called " Supra MKIV ".

    In early 1986, the third generation of the Supra was introduced. It is also the first that has not been marketed with the suffix Celica.

    The second generation was presented in the fall of 1981 and had a completely independent drive with the new (170 hp) 6-cylinder engines.

    The first Supra built from spring 1978 to summer 1981 was still offered as a top version of the Celica first in Japan and later in the United States.

    Tachomanipulationen bei RHD-Importen | Forum

    hello guys,

    this is jurgen from jm-imports, i have been asked to come on here to explain and clarify the situation, sorry i cant write german.

    (even though i have german name) :blush:

    ok this supra here as you can see from the data we send Nic, shows the car has 85km.

    sadly we have lost a sale due to this forum and incorrect data been said on here.(this is not good for buisness)

    we have supplied x2 auction sheets, x1 original de reg and x1 link direct to sale of car link.

    but some on here dont belive ?? ok * or $ on auction sheet does not mean the car is clocked.. its a warning there is potential of data error or possibly clocked..

    as you can see x1 auction sheet mentions this and x1 does not..

    as you can see the dereg says in 2009 the car showed 68km at test now it also shows on one auction sheet a ??? of 192km also on 2009 , this is not saying the car has 192 km (it states the car has had data of 192km registered versus it) .

    one auction house mentions it and one does not believe it to be valid due to DATA ie dereg and condition of the car.

    is it possible the car in 2009 travelled from 68km to 192km ?? in a small island like japan ? i dont think so..

    lucky for us we have been involved in import and export for 12 years and have seen it all before with errors espeically when cars have nismo or trd speedos.

    this car our partner in japan cheked and also checked previous records and its never had 192km (this was most likely and error from previous data)..

    what really does not help is people only trying to blame or damage company image (with out knowing how the japanese system and data works).

    do we belive an official governement paper saying 68km in 2009 or do we belive some ??/ saying data of 192km possible in 2009.

    how is that possible as even in the 2010 the japan official test its still 76km..

    i have seen many internet admin/members think they know the system , to look like they know how it works.

    as an example grade R at auction is accident car ?? (thats what they all think)

    grade R is not always accident and can sometines just mean paint repair due to small scratches or paint faded or laquer peel.

    you really need to have staff in japan and knowledge in buying these cars, i have this car now in UK and can 100% tell you its not even near 100km.

    my partner in germany is trying to make a business for himself and these threads with assumption is not good for his buisness.

    if you want to check the car out come to UK or RHD and you will not be dissapointed...

    sadly am afraid in this game - a lot of people are out there to make bad remarks with out having the experience or knowledge on the system and data in japan.

    me and nic have suffered in a sale due to people thinking they know the system , hopefully the potential owner can see the HARD DATA we have provided and make an educated decision based on the evidence we have provided that this is a good car and not clocked in UK, Germany or Japan,.

    thanks jurgen

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