Owners of the fifth generation Toyota Supra are thrilled about that car

    In July 1993, the fourth and so far last generation of the Supra came on the market. Internationally, this type is called " Supra MKIV ".

    In early 1986, the third generation of the Supra was introduced. It is also the first that has not been marketed with the suffix Celica.

    The second generation was presented in the fall of 1981 and had a completely independent drive with the new (170 hp) 6-cylinder engines.

    The first Supra built from spring 1978 to summer 1981 was still offered as a top version of the Celica first in Japan and later in the United States.

    Jae 2007 | Forum

    Wurde ja letztes jahr kurz angesprochen!
    Nu aber richtig.
    Wer hat Lust dieses jahr auf ne fahrt nach England zum Japan Auto Extravaganza.
    Keine Ahnung ob ichs jetzt richtig geschrieben hab.Kurz JAE!

    Hier mal ein paar Bilder!
    treffen ist am 22 und 23 Juli.
    Wird aber wohl schon Freitags anfangen.Wenn ich nicht alleine fahren muß würde ich von Mittwoch bis mittwoch zb.fahren.

    Hier mal noch ne Liste von den Supras aus England die hinwollen!

    01. Suprastar 3000 (with camera and bog roll for Charlotte)
    02. ahh Aristo (with Gin !!) Aristo - green
    03. Jamesmark (with porn this time)
    04. Shytot (with chefs hat !)
    05. SonicSoop (with a tent that stays put!)
    06. LeeT (with my car and more beer)
    07. Muffleman (I promise not to get too pissed to join the convoy next time)
    08. Ian R (no longer missing)
    09. Pixelfill (without my volunteering arm - what happened about the radio Tom?)
    10. the Don (and party boys)
    11. WSB2 (with blow up sex dolls that having moving part which is just like the real thing!)
    12. Charlotte (with mozzie spray and solar shower)
    13. supra matt. from friday on next time ( white car )
    14. Laz (with the Gimp!)
    15. Pete + Vic (If they've booked me out of the Betty Ford clinic by that time!)
    16. Ruff_Rider (never sleeping in car again!)
    17. Supragold (May bring the A-Team van too this time complete with my mobile Stella pump and kegs)
    18. black cat (if i remember )
    19. Supraloopy (not going to eat as many burgers)
    20. gaz6148 not sure on colour _________________
    21. Martin R - Going to use sun cream next time, I have a serious glow
    22. Sarah & Jon (hopefully with a TT!)
    23. Edd_t (with a tent, bucket and sponge) the Supe is black!
    24. Colsoop (with wheel chair for Ray and any other comatose people, tool kit and sun cream)
    25. jim_supra - storm blue (with lots of suncream, lots of beer, and a tent that doesn't blow away!)
    26. Burna + Jo (Shaking my bouncy booty all the way to the Holiday Inn just outside the front gate )
    27. brian.m with hat and headache tablets
    28. letmeshowyou (time I lost my JAE camping virginity!)
    29. MKIVDreamer (without any comical remarks)
    30. Ewen Foster, Silver. I want some of this
    31. gzaerojon (no screwing around on headlight orders next time, get pi$$ed all weekend )
    32. Redm (with some tailors dummies for the tumbleweed forum)
    33. Babe + sprog (sorry if she annoyed ya, was a bit excited) - silver
    34. Trig + beer
    35. Pig (trying to stay soba)
    36. Kn1ght +Suzy (all weekend)
    37. lockys96 um turn-up
    38. Alan999 ( all weekend ) if things go to plan Sliver.
    39. Pete_tt ( all weekend this time) Silver
    40. Dragonlady (all weekend) + bringing veggie burgers and chef
    41. pete_TT
    42. kamikaze (all weekend) Silver
    43. MrHanky(Saturday and Sunday, camping Sat night) Silver so long as the ship doesnt sink.
    44. Rogue (same as Hanky) Red
    45. dee_rz (all weekend) silver but maybe a respray different colour by then??
    46. R3DG3CKO - Red Aero (Hopefully with Carbon hood by then)
    47. Supra-Man (if the damn car's fixed by then!)
    48. Blitz Supra (will in car film convoy 1/2 hr worth of Jap finale!!)
    49. DannyW + Mrs (all weekend) Silver TT
    50. Robsheffield - Black TT (will be single )
    51. Matt H - Silver (all weekend)!!!
    52. Class One (probably all weekend) Silver TT
    53. Heckler - silver, possibly black by the time.. ooh, and will bring fire wood, and several blue dash kits
    54. G-Nemie - Silver (All Weekend) Sticking to one type of Alcohol Only
    55. Squiffy (if im still in the country)
    56. Jase_93tt - should be a nice blue colour by then
    57. CJ (with whatever car I have in stock)
    58. Voo51 and MR B (camping all weekend) red single and black single
    59. Andyhannah- white single if i can ever decide which turbo i want to put on it
    60. kamikaze-Silver- (if ive stil got the old girl)
    61. IDO - white ( my 1st time.. please be gentle)
    62. 2JG - white (first timer... probably all weekend)
    63. DODGY - All weekend probably this time?????
    64. Chris Burford +1 -Lamborghini Orange All Weekend)
    65. MK47 - Black TT with an earwig free tent
    66. Al_Lilley - All weekend...white first timer
    67. Jimwire - black (going to make it this year)
    68.s crane silver tt
    69. uzthedentist white and carbon tt
    70. TrickTT - black - camping all weekend
    71. Domdotcom - silver + passenger, jae 1st timer all weekend...
    72. jamiep.. red ST
    73. Homer - No more megaphone please!!
    74. Fat_controller- sponsering tango(all weekend)
    75. Cornimac (all weekend) riding shotgun with G-nemie
    77. Mrmward (Black)
    78. SteveR & SteveR's Kate (all weekend - TBC) - Silver TT